Portuguese Heritage Estate By The Ave River

This exquisite property, located just 25 minutes north of downtown Porto, embodies the history and richness of Portuguese heritage.   Originally built by a noble family, this elegant estate has been cared for and maintained generation after generation to preserve a unique piece of Portuguese identity. 

The manor has copious space throughout its floors and annexes, with every part of the property telling a story.  The preservation of all the original features gives the estate a timeless feel.  The details throughout the home speak to the legacies left behind, and yet every part fits into the 21st century. 

With nine bedrooms, an expansive living room, dining hall, traditional kitchen and even a private chapel, this Portuguese palace gives a sense of wonder to all who visit it.  The surrounding grounds flourish among the beautiful natural surrounds of The Ave River.  With fruit trees, grapevines and an immaculate rose garden, this estate is truly one of a kind. 

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Property Features

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