Golden Visa - A Luxury Resort

The Golden Visa Programme is one of the fastest and most reliable choices for foreign investors or third-country nationals who want to be granted a residence permit, through investment activities conducted within Portugal. 

Become co-owner of this luxury resort in an iconic building that was constructed as a monastery in 1590 and apply for your Golden Visa. This building will be transformed into a Luxury Resort and Spa with 100 plus suites, a spa, a restaurant, an indoor and outdoor pool, two stylish restaurants, gardens and villas.

Enjoy 7 days a year of free accomodation in this resort.

The historical uniqueness of the building will be preserved by means of combining contemporary luxury details and the charm of classic furniture. It intends to offer a set of timeless spaces associated with high efficiency service. The resort will be managed by an international hospitality brand.

One and a half hours east of Lisbon and near the Spanish border, Vila Viçosa will satisfy the demands of the most refined visitor. Historical intrigue abounds in the churches, convents and palaces, while wild boar and deer run free in the royal hunting grounds. The traditional cuisine of the Alentejo reaches its high point here.

The area’s rich cultural heritage has been enlarged and improved over the centuries. However, nature is still a driving force behind the local economy, which is centred on marble.

With a guarantee of up to 4% return and 100% funds return and buy back guarantee.

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Property Features

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