Portuguese Modern Style Country Villa

Here we are proud to present this luxury house in the District of Aveiro, Albergaria-a-Velha Council
Alquerubim is a parish composed of 5 dispersed places in a radius of 8 km (Fountains,
Ameal, Calvães, Pauses and Pinheiro).

The house is located at the top of the hill over the Vouga Valley in Calvães.
The population of the parish is about 2,200 inhabitants distributed over those 5 places.
In the centre of the village, you can find the church, the parish council, the Correios-CTT (the post office - they work in the village of Calvães), the pharmacy, the health centre, an old peoples home. Plus there is a
convenience store selling groceries.

Walking trails: 15 km in the Vouga River Valley.
- AVEIRO - 13 km / 15 minutes
- WATER - 6 km / 7 minutes
- HOSTEL - 7 km / 7 minutes
In any of these centres, all the Supermarket networks are available plus a hospital, public departments, schools, University of Aveiro and all commerce.

Golf Courses. VISEU - 45 km; SPIN - 40 km; CURIA - 25 km.

Domestic employee: 5 euros/hour
Gardener (depending on the service): 200 to 250 euros/month.
Everyday life: Alquerubim is quiet, no traffic, no industry and no commerce.


Property Features

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