Azeitão Ladeiras Farmhouse

Ladeiras Farm nestled at the foot of Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, in the beautiful aristocratic village of Azeitão, in Setúbal district, is just over half an hour from Lisbon (42km - 26miles), the international airport Humberto Delgado, as well 30km/18miles from the future Montijo Airport.

Azeitão village is known for wine production vineyard farmlands, such as José Maria da Fonseca, for the cheese of Azeitão, for it's delicious pies, as well as for its aristocratic past estates.

This farm, of a unique natural beauty, is inserted in a region of high agricultural potential due to its fertile prime terroir ideal for growing vines. It has three main areas of vines, pasture and trees like cork oaks, olive and holm oaks. It has abundant water like that of the stream that borders this farm and gives its name. Well served by good accessibilities, it is supplied by municipal water and electricity.

As it is a farm that allows 4,000 m2 of new construction, according to the Municipal Master Plan, it is an opportunity for those who want to invest and get a quick financial return (purchased allowed construction/sqm + new construction cost per sqm = total sqm cost > €450sqm + €1.000sqm = € 1.450sqm). Surrounding properties are sold for about €5.000 sqm.

This real estate investment can be made with different business in mind: individual houses with large common enjoyment areas; short-term accommodation;  senior residences for medium / high economic class, etc.

It is also suitable for a family who wants a weekend retreat or vacation house, as it is close to beaches, beautiful walking routes, boat trips, horse rides and much more.

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