Magnificent Palace Of King John V Of Portugal

Here we have a magnificent 18th-century palace with luxurious living conditions, located in the city of Lisbon.

Tradition says that King D. João V, the Magnanimous, living a life of opulence with gold shipments from Brazil, used this palace for his hunts and to meet his secret lover, Sister Paula, a nun from the local Convent of Odivelas.

To demonstrate this unique history, there are painted tiles in the palace, illustrating a gallant scene of the king and the nun.

The palace underwent a full restoration and renovation in 2011 and therefore enjoys all modern comforts including new bathrooms, new windows, central heating, wifi etc.

There is also an adjoining house with four rooms included in the sale of the property.

This palace is set in a condominium, with a gym and swimming pool, as well as magnificent gardens and the hunting lodge.

For golf lovers, there is a golf course within walking distance of the palace.


Property Features

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