Land - 30,080 m² - Approved Construction Project - Urban Lagos

Allotment and construction project approved by the Municipality of Lagos, on a 30,080 m2 plot.

Includes a Construction Permit paid and valid for 2 years, starting later this year and extendable for a further year. The license allows the construction of up to 26 lots, with 63 dwellings totalling 11,941 m2.

The land is for sale in its original state, with a cost for allotment and infrastructure creation in the order of 1M € under the buyer's responsibility. It is expected that this investment will have a cost before the housing construction of around 6.5 M € (5.5 M € for the land + 1 M € making good the allotment).

The urbanisation that will emerge will be served by the first bike path, built from scratch, to connect Porto de Mós to Boavista Golf Resort. Brief description - the urbanisation will be located on one of the valley slopes of the river that flows into Porto de Mós, with unique and exclusive access, facing south/southeast. There will be single-family houses around the perimeter and apartments in the centre with a swimming pool.
The maximum height of the facades is 7,5 metres, underground garages, allowing the construction of 2 floors above the ground.

In summary, there will be:

* 17 single-family 4 bedroom townhouses with a construction area of 200 m2

* 8 single-family 5 bedroom detached houses with up to 350 m2 of build area.

* 39 2 bedroom apartments in the centre of the project built under the Horizontal Property Regime

Property Features

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