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With about 840 meters long, going from Carlos Alberto Square to Boavista Street, history points out that it was created in the 6th century (6th), still in the domain of the Suevi, a group of German people, located in the northern Iberian Peninsula.

Away from the medieval Porto urban centre, defined by the Fernandina Wall, the area of ​​the current parish of Cedofeita, hosted the church of São Martinho, whose foundation is thought to date back to the sixth century, which testifies to the experience of this area in very remote times. However, the opening of Rua de Cedofeita only took place in 1762, as part of a vast urban renewal plan put in place by João de Almada and Melo, through the Public Works Board.

The new plan aimed to relate the riverside port area with the city's high, through "regularisation and creation of drainage axes, as well as their transverse articulation". Among the most important roads was the so-called "Rua da Estrada", today Rua de Cedofeita. The urbanisation of the street was rapid. Although not yet completed at the end of the 18th century, the so-called Balck Round Plan, published in London in 1813, shows the street to its present extent - between Carlos Alberto Square and Boavista Street - and with abundant implantation of both sides of the buildings. 

This building is located at the beginning of North Cedofeita Street, in the centre of several points of interest that can be visited on foot, as described:

- Church of Cedofeita: 200 meters

- Metro Lapa Station: 300 meters

- Faculty of Law of the University of Porto: 500 meters

- Republica Square/Military Headquarters: 500 meters

- Commercial Area/Services Good Success: 550 meters

- Luz Hospital: 600 meters

- Military Hospital: 600 meters

- Mouzinho de Albuquerque Square (Boavista roundabout): 800 meters

- Carlos Alberto Square/“Movida”: 800 meters

- House of Music: 850 meters

- City Hall/Aliados Avenue: 1300 meters

Cedofeita street is also near Miguel Bombarda that is, without a doubt, one of the trendiest and eclectic streets in all of Porto.

These units are great investment opportunities for both long and short term rental.

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