Amazing 44 Hectare Wine Estate Situated In Western Algarve

A superb wine estate, situated in the heart of the Western Algarve.

From very humble beginnings, this 44-hectare estate is now considered one of the best wineries in the Algarve, with recognition from international organisations and visitors coming from far and wide.

This Homestead is an excellent vineyard property and also an art property, situated in the Lagoa council.

In a few years, its wines have established themselves in the national and international market, winning various medals and awards from all over the world.

The unique combination of high-quality award-winning wines, stunning sculptures and beautiful scenery, makes this estate one of the main sites to receive events (weddings and others), as well as a major tourist attraction for tours and wine tastings.

It has several renovated accommodation units and the property is also prepared for housing up to 40 people.

Both the accommodation and the events are essential parts of the activity of this estate and have shown amazing growth.

This boutique wine estate is a place full of surprises. There is plenty in store for those who wish to delve into the world of winemaking or simply enjoy a nice day out exploring the history and natural beauty of the grounds.

A unique property, deserving your visit!

Property Features

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