Fabulous 2 Bed Spacious Apartment In The city Of Lisbon.

On the highest of Lisbon’s seven hills, one finds the beautiful district of Graça. Steeped in history, it exudes the spirit of vintage Lisbon. Dating back to the 13th century it grew organically, serving as a home for cultivation, theatre, religious monuments, industry and now a charming residential neighbourhood. Filled with atmosphere and invigorating energy, it offers a unique mix of old and new, then and now. There is a depth to it that is like no other. This is Graça. 

Jardim da Glória offers a modern take on the urban habitat. To bring this vision to life Stone Capital has assembled a team of experts, working with ARX Architects, Gondwana Biodiversity Development and José Veludo from NPK Associated Landscaping architects to create homes that celebrate modern living without compromise, yet seamlessly integrate with the nature that surrounds them.

Situated on a massive 5,000 m2 estate at the heart of Graça, Jardim da Glória offers a precious luxury of space and nature. Guarded by 3 totally recovered traditional buildings, housing 18 ample apartments, the Jardim da Gloria extends to two modern 4 storey buildings set in a lush of green and blue and surrounded by gardens, pools, vegetable gardens and children’s area. With 42 apartments ranging from charming 61 m2 1 bedroom to a 235 m2 4 bedroom duplex, Jardim da Glória has something for everyone. Its modern architecture provides classically contemporary homes with tailor-made finishes and designs of the highest quality. Spacious bedrooms, modern kitchens and free-flowing living spaces frame the home. Lighting has been cleverly used to connect to the outside through large window panes and terraces while retaining one’s privacy.

The apartments are fully equipped with all modern conveniences and all residential needs are accounted for with large underground parking, a pool, a relaxation area in the centre of the gardens, well-illuminated terraces, a spa, a community vegetable garden and a kids’ corner – all surrounded by expertly composed spaces of luxuriant greenery and water.

Property Features

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