Amazing Modern villas with 360 ocean views



This is an exclusive space of seven completely independent houses, which share among them an innovative concept of housing. 

Matching functional architecture with total fruition logic. Looking at each day as a unique experience, capable of providing unforgettable moments in the smallest details. Respecting and living the surrounding nature. Capitalizing every moment in time as a privilege and not as something inescapable. Cultivating the idea of space, indoors and outdoors, in the kitchen, in the bedrooms, in the closets, in the living rooms, in the garden, everywhere. 

Giving its future owners the possibility of adding their personal touch in some of the details of the building. Nurturing the pleasure of living in every moment of every day. 

Believing above all in the idea that a house is never a destination but a starting point. 

To life, to fullness, to happiness.

Property Features

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