Eco-Lifestyle Design Villas In Santa Cruz

A magical place in a magical setting, a natural haven less than one hour from Lisbon.

This is a special place where pine trees, dunes and sea murmur their secrets. Experience originality, sublime comfort and an unerringly sense of style that seamlessly blends in with the natural surroundings of the land, the sea and the shore. Experience seductive cosiness and magical colours; rusticity and urbanity coming together seamlessly against the living backdrop of the Atlantic. These fantastic villas, blending a hippy-chic atmosphere with a techno-ecological lifestyle

Life is unhurried and you feel at home here. Concrete, wood, polished cement, glass and copper blend perfectly with decorative touches, creating a unique effect of informal comfort and irreverent familiarity, fusing sophistication with a relaxed atmosphere. The living and dining rooms benefit from natural light which floods the different areas, always with the sea as a moving backdrop, while the log fire warms us within.

Make the most of the kitchen...
Let the large, polished concrete work surfaces inspire you to get creative. Cook delicious food while looking out to sea, to your heart’s content... Make the most 

The rooms transport you to a secret world of colour, texture and sensations. With their seductive decor, the rooms are bathed in an ethereal glow that touches the soul and stimulates the senses, melding rustic with modern design.

Glistening polished concrete ushers us into the bathrooms, while the tall showers are reminiscent of rainfall. You can also enjoy a jacuzzi bath in the master suite.

As nothing about the decor has been left to chance, the results are unique and innovative villas, each with their own individual character!
Experience various insights and environments... India, Morocco, the African Savannah, romantic areas, rustic areas, sophisticated areas too, a fusion of hippie-chic. Olive trees, reeds, wooden poles arranged in the shape of labyrinths, all bring about a perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces, letting us breathe in nature wherever we are.


The carefully designed architecture is innovative and attractive, focussing on harmony with the surrounding natural environment. The materials used are predominantly local stone, copper, wood and glass, creating distinct and unique areas. The architecture is based on sustainability, following principles which take account of energy efficiency, renewable energy and exploiting natural resources.

A place to pause and savour every moment, delighting in nature’s nooks and crannies, enjoying the land... Areias do Seixo was designed and fashioned in perfect harmony with the sea, dunes and pine trees.
As dusk falls, watch the magnificent sunset over the Atlantic, soaking up the fiery colours reflected on the azure ocean. Why not stay here until the stars come out?

Property Features

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