About Tavira

Tavira is both a municipality and city in the Algarve region of Portugal and has established itself as one of the leading destinations for both tourists and property buyers. With a population of around 25,000 residents, this cosmopolitan yet traditional city is the perfect alternative to the over-commercialized and over-built larger cities in the Algarve.

The architecture in Tavira is more reminiscent of the early Moorish occupation than perhaps some other areas of the Algarve and as a result this city offers refreshing vistas with its traditional whitewashed homes with the distinctly Moorish doorways and rooftops. This style of architecture is reflected in the remains of the castle wall as well as in several churches and mosques.

Tavira has a wealth of historical buildings and ruins for the enthusiast to study. One of the more interesting features in this architecturally attractive city is the ancient bridge of seven arches. Originally thought to be of Roman construction there is now evidence to support that at least some of the bridge was constructed by the Moors. This ancient bridge spans the river and connects the two halves of Tavira. Tavira is also home to thirty seven churches of varying ages. A tour of the churches alone is well worth the visit to this city.

Not only is the architecture an attractive element to the city, but this is also a family friendly city. Tavira was named by Lonely Planet to be one of the best destinations for families. This is due in part to the city itself which is large enough to offer a variety of recreational activities but also due to the beach. The beach in Tavira is located on a sandbar island just off the coast. This island is part of the Ria Formosa barrier island system and is accessible by one of the many ferries that run regularly to the island. The world renowned Sand Construction competition is held yearly on this beach and is highly anticipated by both visitors and locals.

Also home to a variety of different festivals, there is always something happening in this city. From celebrating their culture and history with the traditional Carnival to celebrating Portugal’s rich culinary heritage with the Oyster Festival or the Sea Gastronomy Festival, this city of diversity is resplendent with local activities.

Tavira is a city perched on the edge. The fairly recent boom in tourism has made this city a popular alternative to some of the more traditional vacation destinations in the Algarve. Located on the IP1 Tollway, Tavira is within easy driving distance of Faro International Airport and the rest of the Algarve region. This accessibility is made more favorable in the eyes of visitors and people searching for the perfect place to purchase property, by the fairly recent construction of several new golf courses in the vicinity. In a country where golf is a major recreational activity it was essential for Tavira’s growth to have golf courses. These stunning, master planned courses take advantage of glorious mountain and ocean vistas, harmoniously incorporating the fairways with Portugal’s natural beauty.

Property values have risen in Tavira as more and more people become entranced with this fabulous city. In order to meet the housing demand, new construction of a variety of different kinds of homes is underway in Tavira and as a result property values have stabilized and there is now a variety of homes from which the new buyer can choose. From apartments to luxurious villas, old or new, there is something for everybody who chooses to purchase in this charming city. The outskirts of the city are largely rural and undeveloped but this is slowly changing although with a measured pace to ensure that construction does not destroy the integrity of this magnificent city.

Stunning to look at and fabulous to live in, Tavira is considered by many to be a gem in the rough. While many people are attracted by the blitz and modernization of other cities in the Algarve, there are many more still are entranced by Taviras traditional values, family friendly atmosphere and measured growth. Tavira is home to many new property buyers and many more continue to call Tavira home.