St Barbara de Nexe

About St Barbara de Nexe

St Barbara de Nexe is situated a short distance of only 7KM from the busy Portuguese town of Faro, however, it is incredibly picturesque and quiet. Although it is considered to be one of the closer villages to the bustling capital city, it has remained full of charm and beautiful scenery. With a very small population of just over 4,000 residents, you will be able to experience the true Portuguese way of life.

The pretty village of St Barbara de Nexe is surrounded by slopping hills with fruit trees and is truly stunning. The views from every angle as you stand in the village could be taken straight from a postcard. Although it is incredibly quiet in the village there is plenty to do, and if you wanted to venture to the busier towns and city they are only a short distance away from the village.

As with many of the smaller villages in the Algarve, St Barbara de Nexe takes its name from a saint to help protect the people. The village acquired its name during the Moorish occupation in the 9th century, and the human settlement in the area dates back over 30,000 years. As with a lot of the smaller villages in this area of the Algarve, the church square is the hub of the village.

The church in St Barbara de Nexe was built in the 15th century, and the magnificent white washed walls are spectacular to see. With the main road improvements passing the smaller villages, the bell tower can be seen for miles as you journey throughout this area of the Algarve. This famous landmark has inspired many travelers, poets, artists and songwriters throughout the years.

The church itself is stunning and attracts people from all over the Algarve to wander and explore its beauty. The interior of the church consists of three naves, a spectacular paneled vault, and statues from the 17th century on display. The statue of Saint Barbara is of course the main focal point of the church. The beautiful church overlooks the rolling fields and pastures, which are the ideal place to have an afternoon stroll.

Situated around the square and in the side streets that lead from this area, are some fantastic bars, restaurants and shops. Although unexpected to see in this area of the Algarve, there is even a bar dedicated to the incredible heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Although you might not expect to find such a bar in St Barbara de Nexe, it is nestled quite contently next to the other bars and restaurants. Whether you want to have a quiet drink, or experience the local cuisine there will be somewhere for you.

No matter why you have chosen the St Barbara de Nexe you will love everything about the village and the area. It is ideal for vacations, and permanent moves, no matter why you are there you will have a fantastic time. With the amazing landmarks and historical buildings, to the incredible vistas and scenery this area of the Algarve remains a hidden gen in the crown of Portugal's success.