Praia da Luz

About Praia da Luz

The Algarve region in southern Portugal is arguably the country's most popular vacation spots with Praia da Luz considered as one of the favorite places to be. Praia da Luz has acquired a reputation as a great place to spend vacation time and retirement periods for western Europeans, thus, explaining the presence of the vibrant expatriate community in and around the resort. Its main appeal is in the perfect balance of modern conveniences and rustic ambience that seem to pervade the towns of the Algarve region.

Aside from the abundance of great properties for sale in the village, Praia da Luz also boasts of several choices in dining and shopping establishments. In virtually all restaurants and cafes, international cuisine can be ordered alongside staple Portuguese dishes that makes your stay in the village truly satisfying to the palate.

For souvenir items, home décor and other artisan products, the Praia da Luz offers works by the local artisans sold in colorful market stalls. Price haggling is an accepted practice so haggle away on that quirky item you have been setting your heart on. If food is your happiness, there are several mini-markets known as mercados and the main supermarket to satisfy your cravings for both local ingredients and specialty food products to cook those scrumptious Portuguese dishes.

If the hustle and bustle of the village seems too much for your vacation mood, just walk to the beach located behind the promenade. Relax, enjoy the sun and just be at peace with the world because that's exactly how the entire village seems to exude. Besides, the Algarve region is well-known for its almost endless ribbons of emerald and turquoise seas and the Praia da Luz boasts of more than a few miles of such stunning coastlines.

And because Praia da Luz is a historic town, visitors are also treated to the sight of the ruins of the Roman baths dating from the 3rd to the 5th century. These were spared the aggressive development efforts in the area and are now enjoyed by the residents of the villas overlooking the ruins.

Praia da Luz may be too provincial for local and foreign tourists but this image is changing for the better. Now is the best time to look into the properties of the village and make it your second home

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