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Portugal is known for its temperate climate, sunny beaches and entertainment possibilities and Estoril property combines that allure with exquisite homes that emphasize privacy and luxury. This makes property for sale in Estoril a sought after location for individuals considering purchasing upscale homes with a stable value and all the amenities of home no matter where home might be.

Stunning Estoril Bay

While these are not budget homes the town of Estoril combines all the best of Portugal with an added bonus of being around 15km from the capital city of Lisbon. Commuting to the thriving center of culture and business in Portugal from Estoril is simple with commuter trains and local highways being the most used option from this upscale and exclusive community.

However the owner of Estoril property doesn’t need to depend upon the allure of the capital for recreation either. As a destination for many jetsetters this town offers many attractions towns of similar size lack. Estoril has casinos, bistros, discos and entertainment of all descriptions to offer the visitor and those lucky enough to live in the town.

Estoril is home to an established and very well appointed golf club the Clube de Golf do Estoril and the Clube de Tennis do Estoril for tennis fans that contains over 20 tennis courts. Whether the individual is considering Portugal property for vacations and long lazy afternoons on beautiful and pristine beaches or for its variety of nightlife and outdoor sports, Estoril delivers and if this wealth of entertainment pales the city of Lisbon is only a short distance away.

Estoril property is not going to be the least expensive on the market. Although Portuguese property values are stable and costs are reasonable this is a very exclusive destination and such well appointed and very private homes will require a more sizeable investment. However in return the being an owner in this stunning part of Portugal will reap all the benefits of living in a multicultural town with endless entertainment possibilities and their very private home as a secluded oasis and quiet retreat.

Estoril Casino

This gorgeous area is one which many a visitor has fallen in love with and is home to many expatriates who have purchased property in Estoril, as well as the consistent holiday destination of choice for the trendy set. Although not as quiet as destinations such as Cascais the excitement of Estoril appeals to some far more than the serenity of other destinations. The superior golf and tennis facilities are difficult to rival even in the golf and tennis focused country or Portugal where such facilities and clubs are the norm even for smaller towns.

If your desire is to holiday or live in a country where beautiful weather is the norm rather than the exception, where at any time you might see a notable figure or famous star, where golf, tennis and water sports are national pastimes and lounging on the beach is an art form, then Portugal is the place. If you desire to live in comfort and surrounded by activities then Estoril may well be the perfect choice in Portugal.

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