About Cascais

If you are considering the sunny climes of Portugal and its breathtaking scenery as the ideal spot for the second home, the investment property or simply to spend your golden years in a golden country then Cascais property may be ideal for your purposes with perfect weather, excellent living conditions and plenty of entertainment possibilities.

Cascais marina

While the capital city is a thriving tourist spot it may not be the ideal home or investment location. Instead a location close to the capital but not in the hustle and bustle of a capital city can be more to the taste of the owners who want to enjoy Portugal as residents. Along with the gorgeous weather that dominates this gorgeous country; Cascais offers all the comforts of home with exquisite architecture and neighborhoods suited to almost any taste.

There is already a base of expatriates who live in Cascais for those who want the beauty and comfort of Portugal but also want contact with the familiar. Golfers will find exclusive homes and Cascais property in golf communities or perhaps a more isolated villa to their taste. Families will find plenty to entertain the adults and the children in the gorgeous pristine beaches of Cascais or the lush gardens of Gandarinha Park, or the art displays at the Museu Condes Castro Guimaraes feature delicate porcelain and the work of local artists.

With the capital only a short distance away, homeowner can travel to the city to indulge in shopping or perhaps a play and then travel back to their serene and secure luxury home in Cascais. Purchasing foreign property for holidays or for retirement is becoming more frequent among Europeans and North Americans. The beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and warm sea air are seductive to people in all walks of life and the property prices are reasonable.


Even in uncertain economic times or perhaps especially then investing in foreign property can be a sound choice as well as a bulwark against more difficult times. Individuals who love Portugal but are not yet ready to move their full time may rent out their property during the summer months to get great rental yields due to the regions great attraction, and for those who are ready to spend their time in Portugal or who travel in and out frequently may find Cascais combines the beautiful Portuguese weather with familiar accents in communities which contain other individuals from their countries. Rather than mingling with tourists as in a capital city the owner of property in the region, will find both full time residents and homeowners representing both native Portuguese and people from the UK, Europe and North of America. A touch of home away from home is what many Cascais communities can offer the homeowner.

While not everyone is comfortable living abroad even part time for some the lure of the gorgeous beaches, the soft lilt of the native Portuguese language, and the ocean scented breezes are the closest thing to paradise on earth. It is for those unique individuals that Cascais property will prove irresistible.

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