About Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro is a town in the municipality of Lagoa in the Algarve region of Portugal. With a population of about three thousand residents, this town has benefited greatly from the tourist boom since the 1960’s and was officially elevated to the status of town in 2001. Located about five kilometers south of the city of Lagoa, Carvoeiro is more commonly known as Praia de Carvoeiro.

Even as late as 1965, the lifestyle in Carvoeiro was essentially very primitive by modern standards, with oxen-drawn carts and donkeys being the primary mode of travel. With the influx of tourists came their dollars and Carvoeiro quickly updated to accommodate the needs of the travelers. Hotels, shops, improved roads, and new housing as well as infrastructure improvements quickly followed suit and the sleepy fishing village transformed into the modern resort town that bears little resemblance to its original state. All that remains of the pre-modern Carvoeiro is the main cobblestone street and tiny shops and homes that are tucked away between newer built buildings. 

The town of Carvoeiro is surrounded by several tiny villages with few restaurants and little if any bars and no real nightlife to speak of. As a result, Carvoeiro has become the place to go to for the largest variety of bars, restaurants, discos and other entertainment venues for that area. There are a wide range of restaurants available serving everything from local and traditional Portuguese items such as fish stews and grilled sardines to international cuisines.

In addition, Carvoeiro also has a variety of shops for basic needs as well as souvenirs and gifts. Pottery, jewelry, leather goods and embroidered items are some of the locally made handicrafts but other treasures can also be found.

Beaches in the Carvoeiro area are one of the main draws for people who both visit and choose to purchase property. With several main beaches, each of them is a stellar example of the spectacular beaches of the Algarve region. The beaches closest to Carvoeiro are: Praia de Centaines, Praia de Carvalho, Praia de Benagil, Praia da Marinha and Praia da Albandeira.  These beaches all have golden and silky sand and are overlooked by tall, looming cliffs many of which are topped by luxurious villas, hotels and residential communities. Each of these beaches is family friendly and many of them offer a wide variety of water sports including sailing, diving, surfing and water skiing.

Golfing is paramount in the Algarve and Carvoeiro has three nearby golf courses including: Vale de Milho which is a nine hole par three course designed by David Thomas. This course is challenging despite it only being nine holes. Quinta do Gramacho is another nearby course and is an eighteen hole course and finally Vale de Pinta which is an eighteen hole championship course that wends its way through an old olive grove. There are many more golf courses within a short drive of Carvoeiro for those who wish to branch out.

Carvoeiro also serves as a hub for bus routes to various outlying attractions such as Slide and Splash Water Park, Crazy World, Silves and other towns and Algarve attractions.
The town of Carvoeiro has implemented strict development and planning regulations to closely control and monitor any future growth within the town’s limits. This has ensured that the town has maintained a consistent look and feel that has not been destroyed by excessive high rise apartments or expansive residential areas. That being said, there are still plenty of luxurious villas and apartments available in Carvoeiro as well as residential resort-like communities. Carvoeiro property comes with access to nearby beaches as well as all the other features of the Algarve plus beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Purchasing property in Carvoeiro is an attractive option for those who wish to use the property for investment purposes or to use it as a rental property for these are always in demand.

Carvoeiro, once a sleepy fishing village, has matured into a world class resort destination that is drawing visitors and new residents alike. Still possessing all the charm of traditional Portugal, this town offers many of the amenities of larger cities in a smaller town package and remains a popular alternative to some of the other commercialized and populated Algarvian towns and cities.

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