Discover Portugal by Region: Western Algarve

Further information about Western Algarve

The luxurious western Algarve has something for everyone. From the bustling town centre of Lagos, to it's quite stunning cave's and breathtaking sea views.

You have the beautiful Carvoiero, certainly a favourite in the office, to the traditional Portuguese lovely village of Alvor. Here at we can find you a luxurious Portuguese Villa in Carvoeiro to a ultra modern apartment close to the marina in Lagos, where your private yacht is never far away.

The variety of property in the western Algarve is sublime, and one will never be disappointed with the spectacular region. We have the finest selection of Villa, apartments, townhouses, farmhouses, cottages to suit your requirements perfectly.

Stretching from the historic old Moorish capital of Silves, through to the “end of the world” at Cape St Vincent, the Western Algarve is where tradition, culture, luxury and adventure all combine into one. Here the Atlantic coastline blends with the rich Mediterranean interior inviting you to try some of the regions’ most spectacular beaches in Europe, discover quaint restaurants in hushed villages, follow the rich historical thread of churches, chapels, castles and monuments while also being able to enjoy  lively resorts brushed by palm lined avenues who sway to a more cosmopolitan beat.

North of Silves, a town which today is dominated by the ochre ramparts of its huge castle dating back to the crusades we find Monchique.  Monchique is a welcome break from beaches and villas as it’s all about cobbled streets, rural living and a slower, more traditional pace of life. It’s not uncommon to see an old Portuguese gentleman and his trusty donkey and cart plodding up the winding roads to get to the top.

Carvoeiro and Ferragudo are two fishing villages that have welcomed tourism and modern living while retaining their cultural roots. In Ferragudo a maze of cottages tumble down towards the river and Praia Grande beaches. These beaches are popular with sunbathers and windsurfers alike, but if you just want to relax and sample some of the finest seafood the region has to offer you can always try one of the restaurants that line the tiny quayside while looking out to the marina of Portimao and Praia a Rocha.
Carvoeiro is ideal for families. Centred round the main beach, Carvoeiro offers a myriad of restaurants and entertainment as well as great snorkelling, prestigious Pestana golf courses and a thriving expat community that welcomes holiday makers, travellers and residents to its heart.

Moving along from Carvoeiro we find Alvor. A maze of cobbled streets, beautiful bays and wooden walkways through tranquil nature reserves Alvor is a popular tourist destination and a must for seafood lovers.  
Lagos, many peoples favourite part of Western Algarve combines the luxury and class of Vilamoura, the entertaining nature of Albufeira with an easy going atmosphere and some of the trendiest nightlife spots on the south coast. Lagos exudes a lively and inviting welcome, getting the mix between modern amenities and historical sights just right.

Many who visit Lagos feel they have been there before as Praia de Dona Ana is a photographers favourite. Postcard after postcard will carry the photo of its stunning beach, often said to resemble an ancient amphitheatre because of its location wedged between the cliffs. The Marina at Lagos on a summers afternoon is the place to be. Relax with a drink watching the world go by or have an adrenaline rush on a powerboat ride, it’s all there.

Meia Praia, at 2.5 miles long is one of the longest beaches in the Algarve, and attracts windsurfers, kite surfers, well every type of surfers to take on her powerful waves.  However, with its beach bars lining the sand dunes beyond the beach if riding the waves is not for you, maybe a cocktail watching the sun set over the ocean might be.

Before we arrive at Sagres, Burgau needs a mention. Bucking the trend of many places along the Algarve the best time to visit Burgau is out of season. It is when the cobbled lanes are deserted and the only sound you can hear is the collision of the ocean with the beach that the peaceful nature of Burgau is at its height.

Sagres is a small harbour town boasting some of the regions finest scuba diving locations and is an excellent base to explore the beaches along the untamed west coast. This really is a mecca for surfers, walkers, dog walkers and campers. Out of season it is not unusual to be the only one on the beach while the waves crash on the shore however during the summer months the ocean is dotted with surfers catching the rolling waves.

Past Sagres is Cabo de Sao Vicente, Cape St. Vincent, also known as “the end of the world”. This is where the Algarve ends. This most westerly point of the area finishes in austere cliff faces with nothing from here until you touch land again on the shores of America.